Bannable Offenses For Google’s AdSense

Registering with AdSense can be highly beneficial for any blogger or a website owner. With this article, we would discuss how can we maintain good terms with AdSense and its crawler.

So, here’s a list of some important rules that you must be aware of when dealing with AdSense:

  • Google is the most efficient, smart, and intelligent search engine ever made. So, the initial thing to avoid would obviously include not thinking to employ any malicious act. The publishers who try activities such as keyword stuffing, cloaking, or title stacking, they are undoubtedly going to be banned from their AdSense registration. Moreover, they would also be down-rated in their rankings in Google searches.

Note: By registering for AdSense your website or blog is already highlighted within the search engine. So if you commit any malicious activities to increase the traffic, your website would be banned or suspended immediately by Google.

  • Everyone thinks that it would be quite an easy task to earn dollars by clicking on the adds themselves. The thought of clicking on your own ads should be neglected each time it visits your mind. Although its highly tempting but you should always avoid clicking on the ads posted in your own website. It’s one of the simplest manners to get them banned or suspended status from Google.

Even if you’re careful and a pro in hiding your tracks, Google would catch you clicking on your own ads and it would be considered as click fraud. Make sure you don’t jeopardize this policy and ensure no one in your house or office click on your ads.

  • Camouflaging of adds on one’s website by modifying the color of ads similar to the that of background is also employed by many bloggers or website owners. The reason behind carrying out such an act is, even when the ads are invisible or hidden; the publisher is paid for the number of clicks. You also must be tempted to follow this idea. Don’t you! But, Please don’t even try this, as it would violate the policies of Google’s AdSense. For Google its always easy to catch such activities on any website or blog.
  • Another blunder that most publishers commit is boosting of clicks artificially. Google in their policies of AdSense has explicitly written that they would only pay for a Valid Click only. The validity of any click also includes the interest of the user. In case any publisher opts to deploy an automated tool in order to increase the number of clicks on the ads published on their websites; Google frowns on such acts and instantly bans the website from any further ad posting. Apart from inflating clicks by robots, any ad-click contests or schemes must not be followed either.

Note: Google is highly sophisticated and certain about its policies. Make sure you follow each one of them to earn money from AdSense.

Bannable Offenses For Google’s AdSense

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