How To Increase Your AdSense CTR (Click Through Rate)?

Every one of us desires to earn the most out of AdSense. And for it, we tend to put quality content to increase the traffic on our blog or website. Along with the content there are certainly other factors that may be considered for increasing the CTR, have a look:

Employ Each & Every Ad Block

Any publisher when registers with AdSense receives an option of putting 3 link units and 3 ad blocks on each of their web page. Despite the offers, many publishers don’t utilize their link units, in fact, they mostly restrict themselves with the three ad blocks. It’s highly recommended to utilize all of the ad blocks at least. It would increase the chances of getting a click from the visitor.

AdSense provides varied options of putting ads of various sizes on the web pages, many experts recommend ‘the bigger the better’. Although many publishers try blending the ads with their content but at last the only thing that matters is that ‘Is it visible to the users for clicking?’. You’ve to strategically place the ad at such a place where the users don’t miss it.

After an extensive test of putting ads of different sizes at different places, the only conclusion that can be drawn is that users would click on the add only if it’s interesting and placed perfectly for them to see it.

Placing Ads In-Between The Content

I would agree if you also think that ads placed with the content are ugly. But, you would also have to agree that the amount of exposure any ad gets at these places is unmatched by any other. Therefore, it’s recommended for you to place at least two ad blocks either at the top, middle to the bottom of the content to inflate the CTRs.

Tip: You can place an ad block just below the first paragraph of your blog. Make sure you frame the first content of around 150 words. It would engage the user as well.

Utilizing Red Color and Not Blue

Many of you would not be aware of the fact that you can change the color scheme of the link units on your site. Most of us tend to keep the default color scheme on our website for ages which are mostly black text and blue links. It definitely is workable, but have you ever tried changing it to red color! You would see a visible increase in the number of clicks with red links, try it.

Creating a Shortcode

It can be employed by WordPress users.

Although this technique involves editing of some PHP files, but its simple as cutting a cake. It can be done even if you’re not aware of what coding is. It helps you create a shortcode for adding ads in the content. These shortcodes can be placed anywhere in the content for placing the ads. All you need to do is type [ads] in the article you’re writing and the ad would be placed there. It’s one of the best methods to follow if you desire to have the control of your ad positions.

How To Increase Your AdSense CTR (Click Through Rate)?

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