Why Should Publishers Prefer Google AdSense

Adsense is one of the most effective pay per click advertising service offered by Google. It is highly helpful for webmasters to monetize their content and earn revenue over it. With it, a website can publish or display google ads relevant to their content in all sizes.

And if you’re thinking that how would it help you earn money? Here’s how the drill goes; advertisers pay Google for putting their ads on relevant pages on SERPs through Adwords. Shrewd Google takes a seat of being a mediator and pays a percentage of the amount received from the advertiser to the publishers.

Being a website owner or a blogger, you can make money from each and every page you have on your website, that too without putting much effort. All you need to do is comply with the policies of Google AdSense and get approved by them to obtain the luxury of publishing ads on your website. Only after Google approves your site, then you can place the ad codes on the website.

Here are a few convincing reasons why should you pick AdSense for your website:

  • Swift & easy. Unlike other PPC ad networks, AdSense only requires you to add the ad codes on your pages. No software installation required.
  • There’s no need to purchase or sell anything. All you need to do is follow the AdSense policies.
  • AdSense follows a reliable payment system as it sends the earned payment directly to bank accounts or by cheques every month without any delay.
  • No multi-level referral marketing or affiliate linking required.
  • Google AdSense focuses only on relevant and highest paid ads.
  • The types and sizes can be readily customized as per the requirement of the website for perfect look and feel of the ads.

Placement of Ads

Adsense is a perfect tool to leverage when you need to generate revenue from empty spaces of your website or blogs. You can easily put a few advertisements on display along with your content at distinct places. Here are instances of the places where you can create the ad codes:

  • You can add ads in-between the content (between paragraphs)
  • Putting ads on the sidebar of the web page
  • Beginning and/or end of the content
  • Placing ads on the archive pages

Trick: You can also utilize the Google custom search box by placing ads on the search results pages.

Here are some statistics and facts regarding Google advertising:

As per 2018,

  • there are around 2 million Google display network sites and 6,50,000 applications serving Google advertisements.
  • google display ads reach around 90% of internet users around the world.

Note: Apart from content websites, AdSense service can also be leveraged for mobiles, games, videos and search products as well.


Google is conniving with its AdSense program as it not only makes revenue for themselves from it but also shares a significant commission with millions of publishers. Undoubtedly, adopting Google AdSense can help in providing the much-required boost to your website and your financial status. We would definitely encourage every publisher or site owner to give it a try to AdSense.

Why Should Publishers Prefer Google AdSense

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